Teuppi2Teuvo Ryynänen has studied music in for example Oulunkylä Pop and Jazz Conservatory and Sibelius Academy. He is a teacher of ear training and theory of music since 1978. Teuvo has also conducted research in music, for example in the symphonies of Sibelius. Teuvo has been interested in researching music, improvisation and composing for as long as he can remember. Teuvo is always learning. Since he was a teenager, he has played in a variety of bands, ranging from duos to big bands, with for example Esa Pethman and Jukkis Uotila. In the recent years, Teuvo has again focused on playing, improvising and composing, instead of teaching and researching. For Teuvo, music is a well-liked job and a dear hobby.

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